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A directory of members, including regular, Allied and Associate, of the AIA Portland chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

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10 THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS PORTLAND CHAPTER How to Select an AIA Architect Step 1 Make a list of potential f irms, and solicit information from them. Colleagues and acquaintances who have worked with architec ts are excellent resources, as is this direc tor y. Contac t those architec ts or f irms, and ask for informa- tion, qualif ications and references. If you are ready to ask the architec t for a preliminar y proposal, send a writ ten description of your projec t to help him or her in the process. Find out how the architec t charges for ser vices, and ask about additional expenses that could occur as the projec t moves ahead. Step 2 Evaluate your f inalists. Consider your candidates' track record in general, as well as their direc t experience with projec ts similar to your own. Determine who can best complete the projec t within your time frame and budget. If possible, visit a few projec ts designed by your f inalists. There's nothing like looking at the ac tual work of a candidate to decide whether you are a match. Step 3 Inter view t wo or three f inal contenders for the job. See whether your per- sonalities mesh, as well as your concepts for the projec t. Clarif y the proposed schedule, fee struc ture and areas of responsibilit y. Step 4 At this point, you will probably have a good idea who is your leading can- didate. To double-check your instinc ts, make a checklist. Look at relevant experience, technical competence, budget considerations and time frame. Finally, review the inter view in your mind. Did the architec t really listen to what you were saying? Did he or she ask the right questions? Did he or she of fer reasonable solutions? Above all, did you feel comfor table? Just as in selec ting a par tner for any other major under taking in life, it is impor tant to f ind an architec t who is a good match with your goals, your concept of the projec t, your personality and your budget. Choosing the right person from the star t allows you to enjoy the process as much as the f inished produc t. The following steps in the selec tion process can make all the dif fer- ence in creating a successful par tnership.

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